What does Engagor do?

Engagor is the most comprehensive platform for real-time customer engagement. It provides brands and enterprises with a powerful tool to monitor and analyze their social channels in order to efficiently engage with customers. Engagor monitors millions of sources across the social Web in more than 180 languages to track all relevant conversations about brands, products, competitors and industries. The platform also allows companies to manage social media teams with insight into team performance. Engagor has offices in San Francisco, California and Ghent, Belgium. It has received investments from Hummingbird Ventures, Strike4 and Chronos Financial.

Visit website: www.engagor.com




2013 – sold to Clarabridge in May 2015
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Engagor team:

Folke Lemaitre, Jochen Boeykens, Juriaan Persyn, Dimitri Callens

Strike4 team:

Toon Vanparys

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