TapCrowd announces the world’s first hybrid app cloud for high-stake events

TapCrowd, leader in comphrehensive event apps for high-stake conferences, corporate events and tradeshows, is proud to announce the launch of its Hybrid Event Cloud ™. The Hybrid Event Cloud is a backend infrastructure for TapCrowd’s event apps, it is the only solution in the world that combines a public cloud with an on-site cloud to provide 100% reliability to event organizers.

Event apps have become strategic for many conferences and other events these days. TapCrowd’s event apps are used for live voting, for real-time Q&A, instant session ratings, note taking, networking between delegates and much more. Because of the high level of interactivity inside the apps, it’s key that the apps can communicate with a cloud infrastructure to exchange data.

And until today, this was quite a challenge since the internet and Wifi infrastructure in many venues is not sufficiently reliable.

That’s why TapCrowd extended its event apps solution with a hybrid cloud: a public cloud that supports the apps before and after the event, and an onsite cloud infrastructure at the venue during the event, to fully eliminate the dependency on the venue infrastructure.

Further more, TapCrowd’s Hybrid Event Cloud allows event organizers to deliver their event apps via the App Stores and at the same time provide the event app on rented iPads during the event. This means event organizers can combine the best of both worlds: an event app that delegates can download on their own smartphone or tablet before the event to prepare their visit, and the same app in “kiosk mode” on iPads that are distributed to delegates during the event.

“TapCrowd’s Hybrid Event Cloud has been used in high-stake conferences such as Janssen’s HemDebate in Berlin and has proven extremily succesful, with an overall rating of 86% from delegates after two interactive days”, says Brecht Fourneau, co-founder of TapCrowd. “Our customers realize that a succesful event app requires a 100% reliable infrastructure, and with our Hybrid Event Cloud, we provide this within a realistic budget.”

For more information, visit: http://events.tapcrowd.com

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